Las Vegas has always been somewhere I wanted to visit. Its appearance in countless movies made it seem luxurious and the place to go to have fun! My first experience going there was about a year ago. I went to see T’s new weekly gig at Omnia nightclub whilst over in L.A. Initially Vegas seemed like an exciting and flashy place where people came to spend money and have the time of their lives. It was the definition of overindulgence.

Me being an idiot posing under the Las vegas sign!!!
The strip La Vegas 2016
Hakkasan nightclub 2016

Since I’ve been almost 10 times now my perspective has changed slightly as the novelty has worn off. I still think it’s one of those places you have to experience at least once, but be prepared it is not like the movies at all!!! The type of people Vegas attracts are either gamblers, tourists, partiers or the super rich. So depending on what sort of experience you want to have you will come across all of these types of people. The weather is ridiculously hot- like I’m talking 45 degrees in summer everyday…luckily inside the hotels and casino complex’s you wouldn’t know as its a balmy 20 degrees to keep people alert and gambling longer (so wrong I know!). The worst part about these hotels is the fact that you can smoke inside….god knows how this can be legal. So basically you feel like you are walking through a dingy bar where people are smoking for hours on the slot machines!!

Endless rows of slot machines throughout the casino’s
Hakkasan restaurant

Going with T for work means that we go for less then 12 hours, unless he plays a pool party the following day. The routine is dinner, a few drinks, the gig and then back on the plane home- arriving back in L.A by 5am! Its a pretty long day and not as glamorous as it might seem! But I still love going there to watch him play as its pretty incredible and its not every day that you get to go on a private jet!!!

T playing at Omnia
Somewhere out over the desert
A few too many champagnes whilst doing my how to look like a lanky baby giraffe pose!

The last few times I have gone with T we have stayed the night. This has meant that we have had the morning to do things before he has to play in the afternoon. Usually this either consists of swimming or playing golf! One of our favourite places to go is Top Golf! This facility has created a game style driving range experience with the latest technology making it very similar to bowling. Players are lined up on the screen with their shots recorded, there are enormous coloured targets in which you gain points for hitting your microchipped ball in the centre and to the most furthest targets. Once you have a hit you wave your club over a sensor to dispense another ball! This is all happening whilst you are up a few stories high looking out across Las Vegas.

Top Golf Las Vegas

They have an extensive food and drink list with a server looking after you at all times. BUT my favourite part is the fact that they have a pool!!!! I’m able to go and sit and read by the pool whilst being about 10 metres from the boys playing golf. This way I get to be involved and have a few extremely poor swings at the golf ball, a nibble of the pizza and get endless cocktails sneakily brought to me by the hostess!!! Everyone’s a winner in this place!!!

Top Golf Las Vegas
FullSizeRender (4)
Sitting by the pool at Top Golf

I have stayed at only two hotels in Vegas, The MGM grand and Caesars Palace. In my opinion MGM attracts a younger crowd with the Wet Republic pool being apart of the complex. The rooms are much more up to date in terms of modern fittings and materials with the average night costing around $150 depending dates and days. Spending time here I have found that there are more people drinking and partying all day then at Caesars palace.

MGM Grand tube pool

Caesars palace is a more iconic hotel attracting a slightly older and more touristy crowd. With the rooms being about $250 a night in comparison to MGM grand making it less enticing to younger adults. From my experience I found it had a much more relaxed atmosphere where you were able to enjoy a wine by the pool without thumping music or shouting people.

Caesars palace pool

Going with Mum was actually one of the better times I’ve had in Vegas! We decided we would catch an early flight to have a day by the pool. We were staying at the MGM grand and luckily got one of the last cabana daybeds available. Unfortunately we were unknowingly sitting by the ‘tube pool’ in which people come past on blow up rings drinking… as you can imagine after a few hours this became unbearable.

MGM tube pool

We saw a guy dive head first and smack his head on the bottom of the pool and one girl even flashed her boobs to a group of guys and then get dumped by her boyfriend as he stormed off!!!! I have to say it certainly was entertaining! Another crazy part of Vegas are the drinks, they literally sell you litres of cocktails like pina coladas or mojito’s which sound weirdly enticing upon ordering but end up tasting sickly sweet…no wonder these people get so drunk!

FullSizeRender (5)
Lunch by the pool
Mum and I in our poolside cabana

We had some lunch, swam and tried to read amongst all the chaos but eventually decided to call it a day. Heading back to the room for a little snooze (mums favourite) before the boys were due to land around 8pm. Dinner was at Hakkasan restaurant, its one of my favourite’s if you are staying at MGM. Its ‘Contemporary Chinese’ or also known as ‘Super expensive Chinese’ if you ask me! I do have to say the food is pretty amazing and its a great spot for a few cocktails before heading out. You must order the duck salad, its a meal I crave its that good…we even order two sometimes when we are feeling greedy!! At the nightclub mum and I had a great time dancing in the tightly packed DJ booth with one too many champagne’s! It was nice to show mum what T does every weekend for work that’s for sure!

o (1)
Duck salad Hakkasan
Getting ready in our room, forcing the poor woman to take a mirror selfie
At Omnia Nightclub

Having my best friend come and visit me in L.A meant a trip to Vegas was a must! Unfortunately I had got the dates wrong and T wasn’t playing the night we had booked to go!! So it was going to be a girls solo trip… how unfortunate haha!! Our trip wasn’t exactly a smooth one like I’m used to though! Arriving at the airport we checked in with our carry on baggage, everything was fine until we arrived at our gate and were notified that we were on the stand by list for boarding the flight. Immediately it made the breakfast burrito much harder to swallow!! I was so confused as we had booked these flights over a month ago…how the hell were we on the might not get this flight list?! Luckily before I got the courage to yell at the air hostess we were called up and placed in an exit row! Things were looking up!! Although whilst boarding we were told we would have to check our luggage as the cabin was getting too full….annoying I could have totally brought my gigantic shampoo was my first thought!!! Arriving at Caesars palace you certainly do feel like one in a million. The check in line took half an hour and once we at the desk we were told our names weren’t coming up in the reservations???? Tired and eager to get by the pool we waited to the side whilst trying to figure out the issue. Finally they did find our names after another HALF AN HOUR!!! We had been standing in line for over an hour when it was their mistake. The lady asked for my credit card in which I assumed was for the security deposit on the room but then realised she was charging me AGAIN for the room I had already paid for!!!! I was pretty pissed off by this point and said we wanted the day beds to be free of charge. The lady was super unhelpful and said she couldn’t help but insisted she could get us $25 dollars off our room service bill. We accepted as we thought what the heck thats a bottle of wine surely!! We then were stuck waiting for her to configure this for another 20 minutes! Honestly we were almost laughing at this point with how bad our day was going!!!

The only photo we got together in Vegas!!!

Once checked in we raced down to the pool to find two perfect chairs right next to the pool which you didn’t have to pay for- Day slowly turning around!!! An afternoon of nacho’s and swimming had us feeling back to our normal happy selves. We decided we would have a small bite and some drinks at Nobu before heading to Omnia nightclub. Luckily the people we knew there had arranged for us to be in the booth to see Alesso a swedish Dj who was the main headline that night. We arrived around midnight and had a great night dancing with also one too many champagnes- it is the place for excessiveness!!! Our night ended with way too many slices of pizza’s and an a hunt to find our hotel room!!

2017-44-12 19-44-32.gif
My stack of pizza’s haha

Vegas can be a great deal of things but it is always a bit of fun no matter what you do! I think that its something you have to experience for yourself in order to really understand it!


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