Melrose Rooftop Cinema

Recently I was lucky enough to be a part of helping to create the new addition to E.P.L.P, The Melrose Rooftop Cinema!!. If some of you know me then you know I basically live at this place!!! Its handmade cocktails and modern asian menu are some of the best I’ve come across living in L.A. Not to mention the amazing rooftop you can head up to after dinner to continue long into the night! I’ve met some amazing people here and have been fortunate to be welcomed into their little family (mostly because there’s a lot of Aussies!). So once I heard about the idea I was eager to lend them a hand if they needed it because they always look after me!

Setting up the cinema!
Launch night with the girls!

Melissa, the designer behind the whole operation, and I spent a few days getting the cinema physically together. We filled the V.I.P beanbags with small foam balls- which ended up being a complete nightmare! Being on a rooftop with wind and lightweight foam balls meant we made the whole roof appear to be covered in snow- whoops!!!! But don’t worry karma got us in the end when we had to pick out hundred of balls that got stuck in the fake grass-my definition of hell!!!!! We rolled up blankets, set up plants, made small timber side tables, the list goes on!!! The layout of the chairs was the hardest task as we were stuck on the roof in the middle of the day in 32 degree heat, moving rows of outdoor chairs backwards and forwards!!!! With only one second degree sunburn (on my part) and a few litres of water down we finalised the layout!

Popcorn, blanket and headphones waiting for you!
Midway making some side tables!
FullSizeRender (2)
Boys into the popcorn already!

The Melrose rooftop cinema takes the concept of ‘dinner and a show’ to new heights- literally!!! Located on the car park connected to the restaurant- the access is still through the E.P.L.P main entrance. The cinema will show movies Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday nights all across summer. With tickets starting from $15 for general admission to $25 for VIP- you can get your tickets here! There is also an express dining package at $34 per person plus the movie. The line up is a mixture of cult classics such as Pulp fiction, Top gun and Jurassic park, combined with more modern movies such as Hidden figures, Moonlight and Star wars to create the perfect balance to suit everyones movie preferences! Opening at 7:30pm you are welcome to arrive early and have a few drinks before the movie starts, screening begins around 8:30pm sharp at sundown! To create a fully immersive experience of the open air cinema you will be provided with wireless headphones!! My suggestion would be to get there early to get your seat and get your headphones turned on! The L.A weather makes it the perfect destination for this summer hot spot but if you do get chilly there are blankets so you can really get snuggled up! 

FullSizeRender (1)
Aperol spritz slushies!!
Movie is about to start

E.P.L.P is always on my to do list when people come to L.A but now they have added a completely different experience to the list. Plus its probably the only place in L.A where people wont be judging your outfit! You can go and have a relaxing drink after a long day, some bloody good food and put your feet up!!! In my opinion its a great way to get out, immerse yourself in the outdoors and watch a movie with the hollywood hills as the backdrop! 

FullSizeRender (3)
Looking out across the hollywood hills

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