Palm Springs

Whilst I had my mum here I thought it would be nice to take a little road trip to Palm springs. I had previously been to Palm Springs for Coachella but hadn’t had the chance to explore the town as we were at the festival each day. Many friends had recommended staying at the Parker hotel but it was completely booked out for some business conference. Instead we booked the Saguaro which many friends had said was also good. All I really need is a pool and a bar and I’m a happy girl!!! The drive there was about 3 hours along the freeway which was fine if you make a stop or two to break it up! When we arrived it was about 42 degree’s, but so much more intense then the heat in L.A we really weren’t expecting it!

View on the freeway

After check in we headed straight for the pool! It has such a nice outdoor area with lounges and umbrellas everywhere, they even have blow up pool toys you can borrow! The saguaro is a colour themed hotel so each room has its own bright colour scheme, with the walls around the pool painted in colourful rainbow colours. It was actually too hot to sun bake!! (Cannot believe me of all people am saying that but it was!) I was constantly back and forward in the pool to cool down. We lounged by the pool in the shade and got nachos and some margaritas- it was my idea of heaven!!!

The Saguaro Palm Springs
View from our room- Saguaro Palm Springs

That night I had booked us dinner at the Parker hotel so that we could at least see what the fuss was all about! When you enter the foyer you feel like you are entering a 70’s ‘shag pad’ with retro furnishings, geometric wall dividers and a giant ‘Drugs’ light artwork. The Interior designer, Jonathan Adler, has incorporated moroccan inspired pieces that balance the relaxed earthy feel of the space using texture, prints and colours.

Entrance to the Parker hotel 


Lobby Parker hotel

The restaurant, Norma’s, is located through the lobby to the back of the hotel and has both indoor and outdoor areas available to sit. When we got there we were the only ones dining as the whole hotel had been booked out by a conference and they were off having dinner elsewhere! It was such a nice night so we sat outside, we ordered the steak fajitas along with a few more margaritas it was delicious! Our waitress was so lovely and suggested we have a little peak around and see the pools and garden area as no one was around! It was pretty dark by this stage so we weren’t too sure where to go but luckily enough we came across the cutest fire pit with chairs circling it. Next time I come to Palm springs this it definitely the place I want to stay!

Norma’s restaurant- Parker hotel
Beef Fajitas at Parker hotel
Outdoor Fire pit Parker hotel

We headed into town to see if much was going on there. It was pretty quite (probably because it was tuesday) except for this one italian restaurant where they had an italian singer in the courtyard were people were dancing. Mum was pretty pissed by this stage (I was designated driver of course) so she thought this was wonderful! We sat and had a drink whilst watching retired old couples try and move their hips without one popping out the socket, it was highly entertaining!!! Mum got dragged up to dance by some old man who proceeded to try and get me up but my sober self was adamant this was not going to happen! After about half an hour I dragged mum back home as we had a big day ahead of us tomorrow!!

Rear area of the Lobby- Parker hotel
Lobby Parker hotel

We woke up early the next morning and got room service breaky in bed! Our plan was to drive out to Joshua Tree national park to explore! I’m not sure what I was expecting but it was way bigger then I imagined! When you ‘arrive’ you have to go through a toll booth type gate in which you pay to gain access to the park. You receive a map that tells you were interesting areas are and information such as the km’s the walks are etc which is very helpful! The drive into the park takes about half an hour until you get to a trail or landmark. Mum and I stopped at the hidden valley trial in which we walked for about half an hour before turning around as we weren’t there to hike. This trial was amongst giant rock formations which was amazing. Joshua tree park is named after the weird shaped trees that are called Joshua trees, I’ve never seen anything like them before! Thankfully it wasn’t as hot up here as it was down in Palm springs which was a refreshing surprise!

Joshua Tree National park
Me doing some climbing
Mum and I

We located the Barker dam on the map and decided to drive in further to explore the area. It was about a 15 minute walk on a path through a valley between giant rocks until you came across the dam. A park ranger said that it was the lowest it had been in a while with the drought and that it wasn’t as healthy as it once was! Although it was certainly no ‘oasis’ it was still pretty amazing to think there could be that much water in the middle of the boiling desert. After a couple of hours and multiple bottles of water later we decided to head back home to sit by the pool in the late afternoon sun.

Pathway to the barker dam
Barker dam
Joshua tree rock formations

Before dinner I had two more places I wanted to show mum before the sunset. We were leaving the next morning so I wanted to try and fit everything in!! The first stop was the mirror house I had seen all over social media. The ‘Mirage house’ is created by Doug Aitkin who was inspired by Frank Loyd Wright, the building acts as a sort kaleidoscope to distort the reflection of the landscape around it. Sitting up on the hill it creates the most amazing reflections of the surrounding hills and sky. I love how juxtaposed this house his in this arid and rugged terrain with its clean shiny surfaces! This was seriously one of my highlights of palm springs for sure. Unfortunately the volunteer looking after the property was eager to go home and made everyone leave an hour before sunset. I was pretty annoyed at that because on the website it said open until sundown- clearly someone had a date to get to!!!!

Mirage house by Doug Aitkin
Mirage house reflections
Me standing in front of the mirage house
Entrance of the mirage house

Luckily we had enough light and time to get to my second stop- which was REAL LIFE FLAMINGO’S!!!!!! I had no idea where they were exactly but I knew a few friends had seen them at the Marriott hotel that I had stayed at for Coachella. As we entered the front driveway they were in the small lake right next to it- jackpot!! We went down by the water and watched them until the sun went down. It was so amazing to see these birds in their natural habitat and in real life, its not every day you get to sit next to a flamingo!!!! After a while we realised it was dinner time and we were starving, so we trekked back into town to see what restaurants we could find. We came across a french restaurant that was packed so we assumed it would be great. We got angel hair pasta with garlic butter prawns and mussels to share- it was exactly what I felt like!!

Flamingo’s at the Marriott
Flamingo’s at the Marriott

For me Palm springs is somewhere you go to relax and unwind as a weekend getaway from L.A. Especially if you love the hot weather and sunshine! Theres many things for you to do that I didn’t get the chance to do such as horse riding, 4 wheeler riding and hiking- lucky there is always next time!!

Palm Springs sunset


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