Zinque is by far my favourite cafe in West hollywood. It reminds me so much of Melbourne with its relaxed atmosphere and outdoor seating. Luckily its a 4 minute walk from my house so it has become my local spot for a quick bite or an afternoon drink.

‘Le Bowl’ with tuna at Zinque

The menu consists of mostly french style cuisine with sandwiches, tartines and salads but mixed with burgers, lasagne’s and of course a cheese board! There are still so many things I want to try on the menu but I get such a craving for the ‘Le bowl’ that I cant make myself order anything else! (thats what boyfriends are for- they get the meal you want to try hah!!!) The Le bowl is a salad bowl but not as you know it. You choose between rice or cauliflower rice which is mixed with a creamy sriracha sauce, pick a protein such as chicken or sashimi style tuna and this is combined with rocket, small cubes of cheese, tomato and avocado. Apparently its become a bit of epidemic of sorts where most of customers order this meal only!!


Zinque West Hollywood
Zinque west hollywood

The outdoor area is always packed but there is usually a table or two free. During the week for lunch it is self serve. So find a table and head to the bar to order- this can be a little intimidating when you feel pressured to order quickly so grab some menus and sit and take your time!! At nighttime it has more of a restaurant feel with the heaters and fireplace keeping the area nice and cozy! Located on melrose avenue and San vicente its perfect for light dinner after a day of shopping! If you are ever in West hollywood I would make it one of my go to’s for sure.

FullSizeRender (1)
Smoked salmon tartine


Salmon tartine, chicken Le bowl and mushroom flatbread



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