IMG_3563Ive been lucky enough to have my mum visiting me for the past 12 days so naturally we’ve had a lot of time to explore L.A. Her favourite thing to do is view art galleries so I decided we would start with one of the most well known, LACMA. Short for Los Angeles County Museum of Art it is the largest museum on the west coast of America. I didn’t actually realise how big the place was going to be. There are 7 buildings with different exhibits from American art, Japanese art, contemporary collections and more. Its easy to get lost so grab a map on your way in!

Rolph Scarlett ‘Allegro’ 1944
‘Urban light’ sculpture by Chris Burden
George Braque ‘Boats on the beach’ 1906
Andy Warhol ‘Black and white disaster’

For me I can find some art galleries pretty boring when you are looking at one historic painting after the other. But the LACMA had such an amazing combination of noteworthy artworks such as Pablo Picasso mixed with contemporary sculptures and artworks that kept things interesting. In one area there was about 50 Picasso’s from across his whole career which were all someone’s private collection!!! I don’t know why but I find it so humbling to think that he actually touched something in front of me!! Unfortunately these three rooms were no photo zones so I cant share with you all the pieces- I did happen to ‘accidentally’ take a snap of an artwork and some sculpture’s though!!

Private collection Pablo Picasso


Private collection- Pablo Picasso
Lino prints by various artists
Joan Brown ‘Girl in chair’ 1962

There is a cafe in the centre where you will most definitely need to have a little pit stop and rest. I find walking around slowly for a few hours makes my body so sore for some reason! Out the front there is a sculpture of two hundred and two iron street lamps by Chris Burden, at night time this is stunning and has become an iconic Instagram spot.



Roy Liechtenstein ‘Cold shoulder’ 
Robert Irwin ‘Miracle mile’ 2013
Polly Apfelbaum ‘Black Flag’ 2002
Chris Burden ‘Metropolis’ 

Art to me is so fascinating for so many reasons. Firstly some pieces are almost like a time machine that allows you to see how the world was in the past. It also documents how people lived and what issues they were facing at the time. My favourite aspect of art is seeing how forward thinking some of these artists were to create something so against the normal and out of the box. In my opinion the thought process and the intentions behind the artwork give the work so much more meaning.


Jackson Pollock ‘Black and white number 20’ 1951


Henri Matisse ‘Tea’ 1919

If you are in L.A go and check this place out especially if you love a bit of art, the exhibits are constantly changing so I would recommend seeing it for yourself!!


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