14th Factory

The 14th factory is an interactive experience set up by the famous artist Simon Birch. This industrial warehouse is comprised of 14 immersive environments that are interlinked with one another. Here a team of 20 collaborate with Birch to create a collection of paintings, sculpture, installations and video exhibits that is ever-changing.

Large Simon birch artworks
Crown exhibition


Artist painting 

As you enter the gallery you are lead into a pitch black tunnel where a kaleidoscope video is playing at the end. In here I felt like I was in one of those haunted houses rides where people grab you in the darkness!!! (once your eyes adjust its not too bad). Next you walk through what looks like a desolate land of black jagged shapes- This looks like somewhere batman would been born.


The next installation was my favourite of the day- The 2001 a space odyssey. This all white room made you feel like you were transported into another world. Using the LED flooring as the only lighting within the room, it made the furniture and the space have such a unique feel. The use of ornate furniture and wall panelling in solid white allowed the shadows to really accentuate the details making them the centre design feature. Its a great installation that is totally immersive and interactive with the person. Although you wont be hanging in here for too long as the lighting made room about a million degrees!!!!

2001 a space odyssey
2001 a space odyssey

You then enter a large open room with a small ‘park lands’ area filled with small hills of grass and swings. Along the outside of this are photographs and paintings with installations scattered in different corners and rooms. Along the walls there are secret doorways leading to dark multi-media rooms playing documentaries and video’s. Outside there is a courtyard with chairs to have a seat on and take a break whilst looking out across an installation of plane wings half submerged in water. The place feels like a labyrinth or creativity in which the excitement of not knowing whats around the corner is half the experience. For me most of the actual impressiveness of the place is the sheer size of it, I swear it took us nearly an hour just to walk the whole place! This was by far one of the most amazing ‘galleries’ I’ve ever been too. The fact that there were so many pieces from such diverse disciplines was incredible and really kept you intrigued. You could easily spend a few hours here without even realising!!!

Hanging pitch fork installation

If you want to read more about the artists involved and any information and visiting click here.

Tapestry made out of paper
FullSizeRender (7)
Outdoor plane wing on water sculptures
Ferrari parts

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