Hauser and Wirth

I had seen a few posts on Instagram of a ceiling scattered with hundreds of hanging neon lights. Doing a bit of research I found that this gallery was called Hauser and Wirth. I thought it could be fun to go and have a look and see what everyone was talking about. The gallery is located downtown in an old warehouse. In the centre of the building there is a communal style courtyard with big tables and benches for people to come and relax on. At one end there is a garden with vegetables and chickens which sustain the restaurant on the other side of the courtyard. All the exhibitions were free and you were allowed to walk around without tickets.

Hauser and Wirth courtyard
Veggie garden
Jason Rhoades ‘donut room’

The first exhibition we saw was that of Jason Rhoades (read here about the whole exhibition), this was a collection of his work from 1994-2004. His work aimed to be at first superficially chaotic but with deeper hidden references beyond the first glance. These exhibits were very abstract and felt like a highly curated bunch of junk (not sure how else to describe it!!!). He had taken very mundane objects and arranged them in what felt like no particular order -this might just be me being narrow minded I’m not sure?! I read the descriptions of each installation and most discussed trying to address significant political topics using insignificant objects- some serious philosophical stuff here people!!!!

Jason Rhoades ‘yellow room’

There were about 5 exhibits in total from a complete yellow room, to a whole abstract human body, it even had a machine that puffed out smoke!! One room was pitch black with glow in the dark UV blue lights and neon lights scattered amongst these objects. It was pretty amazing to think about how much time and effort would have gone in to finding all of these objects and constructing them into these structures. There were old VCR machines and remotes which I recognised from back as a young child! The next room had donut holes everywhere, I couldn’t really work this one out but it was interesting to see!

Jason Rhoades hanging lights

The last Exhibit was by far my favourite, a room full hanging neon lights. The floor is covered in towels and tea towels all glued together, you must take your shoes off to walk around. Each neon light was a phrase to describe a ‘vagina’ which I found very strange but pretty hilarious at the same time. Be careful in this exhibit as there are tiny crystals and objects scattered around the floor making it a bit of a navigating nightmare- and there’s a cranky lady who will remind you when you get too close!!!!! The extension cords actually bring another element to the space with the cords strung like a spider web! The last room was a version of the other artworks but this room was almost pitch black. The lighting consisted of white objects glowing in the UV blue light and neon lights scattered amongst these objects.

Jason Rhoades ‘Human body’

In all this exhibition was very interesting and a great little day trip downtown. If you were to make the effort to come down here I would recommend finding a cute spot for lunch and exploring the home wares shops and making a day of it!

Jason Rhoades ‘UV room’

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