San Diego Pt 3

On the last day the weather was back to being cold and overcast. We were in no rush to get back to L.A so we chose the scenic option of driving up the coastal highway 1. We stopped in Del mar for a quick smashed avo on toast which was nothing compared to the breakfast’s we had at the hotel! We drove until just outside of Carlsbad and Dad pulled over near the beach to make a phone call. I went exploring and came across a part of the beach with pebbles. They were amazing, all perfectly smoothed by the ocean and with varying colours of pink and blue. I took a few as a souvenir of our trip!!

Pebble beach outside Carlsbad
IMG_2352 (1).JPG
Beach outside Carslbad
Pelicans across pebble beach

As we drove into San Clemente we could see a pier just in the distance, we wanted to check it out so we navigated our way through the residential streets until we finally found it. Here the pier was huge with two restaurants either side. There were a few brave surfers out catching the small waves in the freezing cold!

San Clemente pier
Ocean at San Clemente

Once we’d had a good look around we figured it was lunchtime (always thinking about my next meal!). There was a really cute little main street with about 3 restaurants/cafes lining it. We picked a small place that seemed to be the most popular. Funnily enough it was Taco tuesday and there was a taco platter for only $10 bucks! Turned out to be the best tacos Ive ever had! There was a BBQ chicken with salsa and crunchy tortilla chips on top, a marinated steak with salsa, cheese and sour cream. Then on the other side a crumbed fish with avocado mayo cabbage and onion, and a prawn salsa and guacamole one! If you are every passing through I’d highly recommend the pit stop!

Taco Tuesday!

Our next stop was at Dana Point and by this time the sun had come out and the roof was back off! This is where my dads favourite boat company is based, called Nordhaven (so this was far more fun for him then me). We were lucky enough to get shown around by the owner who had a few boats he wanted my dad to see. These boats aren’t exactly pretty yacht type boats, they are trawler style boats designed to cross oceans- something my dad has been wanting to do since I can remember. Fortunately there was a brand new boat the exact size my dad was interested in so it was amazing to be able to see what it would be like on board!

Rear living area
Rear lower deck
Dad exploring upstairs

The company had a little pond where they have a turtle sanctuary- this was probably the highlight of my day, year even!! I even got to touch a little guy that was walking around the lawn. As you might gather I am really obsessed with animals.

Turtle sanctuary
Little turtle on the grass

Finally we headed back to L.A, after the last 3 days I was pretty exhausted! Such hard work doing nothing but eating and drinking!!! All in all it was an amazing trip, extra special to be able to share it with my dad all the way from Australia. I think by hiring a car and taking your time to drive down the coast you really see the small coastal towns and get a feel for southern California. It certainly has a much more relaxing feel then the bustle of L.A.. I cannot wait to plan another road trip up north this time!

Final bit of sun before home time


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