San Diego Pt 2

The next morning I didn’t want to get out of bed, the big fluffy pillows and soft linen were hard to resist! There is just something about big hotel beds that I’m obsessed with! We went down to breakfast in the formal dining room overlooking the ocean. The sun had finally come out and the ocean looked like a glittering lake, so still and calm (perfect for boating as dad would point out as usual). I ordered the salmon bagel which was delicious – diet starts monday!?

Salmon Bagel at La Valencia Hotel
Obsessed with hotel robes!

After breakfast we walked down to the waters edge out the front of our hotel to see the cliffs and the bay properly, as yesterday it was too heavily raining. We noticed a small group of seals sun baking on the waters edge, just a few steps down the cliff. There were people there taking photos and watching them. I wanted to get a photo too so we hoped over the barrier and walked down towards them. They smelt absolutely horrible but if you moved up wind enough the smell was carried away! After a few photos we headed back to the hotel to get the car and explore San Diego. Once over the barrier we realised the sole of our shoes were covered with thick muddy sludge and for the next half an hour we had to drag our shoes across the wet grass like weird ice skaters. It was hysterical watching dad struggle with getting all of the mud off, we must have looked like the biggest pair of idiots!!!!! We even had to walk around the main street stomping our feet to make sure it was all gone. Cant even imagine what people must have thought, we would have looked like absolute wackos!

Seals on the cliffs of La Jolla

Luckily we could put the top down today and not freeze our butts off! Our first stop was Point Loma, a tourist lookout across the whole of San Diego. From here there is a historical lighthouse set up to show you how it would of been back in the 1800’s.

FullSizeRender (6).jpg
Point Loma historical lighthouse
Lighthouse staircase at Point Loma

Up here you can see right across San Diego and mainly the Navy base that resides there. Whilst at the lookout two aircraft carriers and a submarine went past which was pretty amazing. We did the short hike that weaves around the cliffs with information boards about the world war 2 history, this is the closest land to Pearl harbour on Hawaii.

Navy ship heading out to sea

The track comes to a dead end and you have to turn around and come back up, they could have warned us! The other area here is the tidal pools which are huge natural caves created by the ocean, these were pretty spectacular rock formations.

Tide pools at Point Loma
Tide pools Point Loma

We headed for the town centre and came across the USS midway museum that is a historic aircraft carrier that allows tourist to tour the ship. As you can imagine my dad was in heaven!!! There was a little cafe along the boardwalk and we sat in the sun eating tacos and observing the little city in front of us. Its much smaller then I thought it would be with very few sky scrapers. I had read a bit about the Gaslamp Quarter which is a bustling area of San Diego, so we decided to explore this. It consists of only a few blocks but this area reminded me of Sydney, with outdoor dining and cute shops it had a lot of character. Continuing we headed over the bridge to Coronado to check out the beach. This has a massive south hampton feel to it with a huge hotel dominating the shoreline. We drove further south until we came to the last turn off before you hit the Tijuana boarder into mexico. It was crazy seeing a fence that felt like it was cutting a city in half. There were shops on the other side that seemed to continue on from the opposite side. There were so many cars heading into Mexico it looked like the wait would have been hours in the traffic jam.

Driving along the coast

Tired we made our way back to the hotel for a little R & R. I looked around at somewhere to go for dinner. A friend suggested the restaurant the Hake which was  perfect because it was a few hundred metres from our hotel.

The hake restaurant- La Jolla

We were lucky enough to get one of the four tables positioned right up against the windows over looking the ocean. The design of the restaurant was very fresh and bright, with the use of luxurious materials such as marble and leather complimented with coastal touches such as the pendant lights. The space has a relaxing seaside feel with the upscale market in mind. We started with tuna carnitas which were tuna steaks in some marinade with avocado and caramelized onions in small wraps, this was absolutely delicious! For mains I ordered a mussel and fish in a tomato broth, Dad got the seared Opah and we shared goats cheese carrots and fried cauliflower.

The hake- La Jolla
The Hake- La Jolla

This was an incredible meal and definitely a must if you are passing through La Jolla. Looking out onto the water whilst the sunset was such a memorable experience.

View of the sunset from The Hake



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