San Diego Pt 1

My trip to San Diego came about because my Dad was going to be over in America for business and we thought it would be great to catch up whilst he was here. He was going to be able to see me for 5 nights so we decided it would be a good idea to drive down the coast to San Diego. My dad loves cars and always gets a hire car in every country he visits so this wouldn’t be any different.

Boardwalk cafe in San Diego

Dad arrived at my apartment in his convertible white mustang, initially I cringed but it was the best car to drive down the coast. It was spacious, comfy and you could take off the roof and actually see so much more. I felt like we had 360 degree views the entire time! We decided we wanted to limit the time spent on freeways and keep to the more scenic highway 1 drive along the coast. This would give us the opportunity to enjoy the ocean views, the little towns along the way and keep the top down as much as we could! Although the weather gods did not hear of our plans and it was lightly raining and overcast! OF ALL DAYS IN L.A! We headed down towards Santa Monica to then head south from there. We came across a cute Sunday market in Beverly Hills and stopped to grab some breaky. A breakfast burrito of course and the best freshly squeezed orange juice I’ve found so far! The weather had started to clear up in patches and it was actually turning into an okay day. We picked some fruit to keep us going on the drive and got back on the road. We were the idiots with the top down, wearing jumpers and had the heater blasting! The drive down wasn’t twisty or anything it was mainly a straight road- nothing like the drive to Lorne back home!

Dad and his convertible- Point Loma

We stopped for lunch at Laguna beach at a cafe that had a view of the water from the window. It was a french bakery with the most extravagant pastries and sweets being brought around on big silver platters. For lunch I got the clam chowder special of the day as I’d heard it was amazing down the coast, Dad had french onion soup and we both had bloody mary’s (I think this is where I get my weird obsession with bloody mary’s from hmm…). We wondered around the main street and found a few amazing galleries with exhibits from local photographers, mostly photos of the coast. I was just waiting for Lauren Conrad to walk past, but unfortunately none of them showed!!!

C’est La Vie- Laguna Beach
C’est La Vie- Laguna Beach


We finally made it to La Jolla but by this time the rain had really set in and was coming down pretty steadily. I researched a lot before our trip and read this are was highly recommended for its great hotels and restaurants. I came across La Valencia Hotel as one of the top ten hotels in San Diego (ill do another whole post on the hotel itself). The hotel was located in La Jolla (correct pronunciation ‘la Hoiya’). Otherwise you end up looking like a dick head like I did when talking to a San Diegan who said they had never heard of the area in the 20 years they had lived there- palm to face moment! We were rather shocked by the amount of luxury cars and luxury shops in the area. Doing my research it had said that a lot of San Diagans had holiday homes out here but we didn’t realise what a wealthy area it was. Every car was a Range Rover, Mercedes or Bentley and the shops included Cartier, Rolex and Ralph Lauren. We arrived at our hotel and I was just amazed by the design and colours of the hotel. It was absolutely freezing but once I had checked in I dragged dad around to explore the different rooms and levels of the hotel. We then grabbed a few umbrellas and headed out into the rain to have a little look around and stretch our legs. There were puddles everywhere and I chose to wear my thongs rather then my converses so they wouldn’t get wet. Although by the time we got home I couldn’t feel my toes! There was a fountain in the ‘town centre’ public area that was giant spinning marble sphere- I felt like a little child pretty impressed by this little feature!!!

La Jolla mainstreet

We headed back to our hotel to get ready for dinner. I had probably done much more research on restaurants then I had of the actual area and had come across Herringbone. As you enter to the right there are massive olive trees tangled with fairy lights creating a magical soft feel to the space juxtaposing the industrial harshness of the materials and finishes. This is one of the most incredible places I’ve ever been to. The building is an old warehouse/boat shed with a rounded vaulted ceiling, with exposed metal beams and white washed bricks mixing the seaside and warehouse design styles. One wall had crates displaying hundreds of puffer fish blown up. Rope and festoon lights hung from old canoes creating long rustic chandeliers. You feel both inside and outside in this space, a big design feature in most restaurants Ive been to in L.A.

Herringbone- La Jolla
Herringbone- La Jolla
Herringbone- La Jolla

The food made the experience even more amazing. We started with the sample oyster plate and a bottle of red. This tasting plate had a pair of oysters from six different local regions, these were amazing to taste the different varieties. Next was the local white fish ceviche which wasn’t the best I’ve had but still very fresh, I find americans tend to chuck tortilla chips on the side most meals. Our main dish was seared scallops on a bed of grains with broccolini, bacon, almonds etc. this was the most delicious meal. The saltiness of the bacon worked so well with the scallops, and it was surprising filling for a seafood dish. We ordered a side of asparagus and fries (I’m a big fries girl, they go with every meal!!!) just to top the meal off! I would put this as my number one recommendation for restaurants in La Jolla for sure.

IMG_2113 (1)
Herringbone- La Jolla
Herringbone- La Jolla
Herringbone- La Jolla

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