Interior design in L.A

The butcher’s daughter- Venice beach

I have found living L.A that there are so many amazing interior design firms and shops but where interior design shines the most is in commercial buildings. Cafes, restaurants and shops are where you are able to experience the cutting edge world of interiors. Obviously L.A homes are some of the most amazing in the world but if you are like me there is a limited opportunity to get inside some of these houses. My goal is to show you and others who love design the more accessible side of this world. I plan to explore L.A and other cities in hopes to find these hidden gems and share them with you.


There is a massive focus on bringing the indoors outdoor and vise versa. The use of plants is a huge design feature in many restaurants, cafes and even retail stores. I think the climate makes this transition appear seamless and people enjoy this relaxed alfresco style design.


Where money can be made money is spent here. So investing in making a space perfect is vital in order to attract customers. I find that the mexican influence here has made for aesthetic that is colourful, full of pattern and highly textured. I find it fascinating seeing all these elements come together in a space, sometimes making it overwhelming yet somehow it seems to work. Hopefully I can share with you some inspiring design to give you a little insight into the amazing work being done on this side of the world!!

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The butcher, the baker the cappuccino maker- West hollywood

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