El Matador Beach

IMG_1401When we got back from Coachella we still had our hire car for the next few days. I was dying to head down the coast- it didn’t matter where I just wanted to get out the city. Back home I’m lucky enough to have a weekend holiday house about an hour out of Melbourne, so getting away to the beach was something I was missing a lot. I researched beaches in L.A and one of the top hits was El Matador beach. Located about 20 minutes from Malibu it looked interesting enough with its cliffs and rocks.

IMB_1j1HyOWe weren’t going to get down there until around 5pm so I knew it would be cold as its only spring still and at night its pretty nippy (this might be me becoming an L.A weather snob though!). We headed off towards Malibu- thank god T can drive, I still cant get my head around being on the wrong side of the road!! Im obsessed with looking at houses here so this was the perfect drive to see some new suburbs I hadn’t seen before. The houses along Malibu are just amazing, lining the cliff they appear half submerged in the ocean itself.

IMG_1337Getting to El Matador you are greeted with the spectacular view straight away! Up high on the cliff you can see the whole way down the coast. We carefully made our way down the stairs which were extremely slippery with sand. The wind was pretty strong but I can imagine in middle of the day this would be a welcomed breeze. There were a few groups on the beach but we noticed most of them were there with cameras for photography purposes. We set up a little spot with blankets and had a little picnic of cheese and biscuits (my favourite!) and some fruit I had cut up- like the domesticated woman I have now become!!! It was the most relaxing hour I’ve had since I’ve been here! I’m obsessed with nature so just being able to dig my toes into the sand was so nice.

IMG_1385The water is absolutely freezing, its the pacific ocean so its just as cold as back home in spring! We stayed for a while but the later it got the colder we got! I was determined to stay for the sunset so we sat in the car for a bit to wait. After a while our stomachs got the better of us and we decided to find a spot for dinner in Malibu instead! This is one of the most beautiful beaches I’ve been to, in summer I plan on living here everyday!!! If you are looking to get out of the city I would recommend the short drive out here!!!

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