Soho House West Hollywood

One of my first nights out in L.A was to this infamous ‘hot spot’ Soho house. Im lucky enough that T is a member so we are able to go here for the amazing views, drinks and food. During the day the place is a bright and sunny filled space, but at night it turns into a candle lit sanctuary for the rich and famous. Here at night the dimmed lighting makes it almost impossible to recognise anyone, with couches tucked away in dark corners to create a veil of disguise for those wanting to just sit back and have a drink with friends. There is also a strict no photo policy to protect these sorts of people. This is a place where the creatives and industry people come to mingle- And I can tell you this is not a world I’m use to!!!


The entrance to Soho is concealed in a car park basement in an attempt to help celebrities get shelter from paparazzi as they can jump straight into their cars (hopefully unnoticed!) As you walk into the car park basement its anything from glamorous. Here you enter a small office like area with a receptionist to greet you and take down your name. Next head up in a red leather panelled elevator (very old english vibes) to the first floor. This houses a small restaurant called Nava, a middle eastern restaurant. This has a very small menu but the food is divine. I had the Sea bass wrapped in a vine leaf with spices, the felafel balls and some oysters, it was amazing- although I’d had a few margaritas by then! The beauty of this restaurant is the booths are right up against the glass windows so you get amazing views across the city both day and night.

Next you head upstairs via a very large staircase- I found this slightly daunting as the boys just run up the stairs but me being me wanted to wear my 3 inch boots which really made me feel (and probably look) like the baby giraffe that I really am!! The bar is the first thing you run into and to me I reckon this is more of a lookout station then to get drinks. From here everyone seems to scan the room (if you have night vision goggles with you!) and size up whose here and determine where a free table is! Its usually pretty packed so finding a prime position with adequate seating is tough! Especially when you are balancing on 3 inch heels, holding an espresso martini (which I swear they put in the most spill-able glasses in the world) and trying to not bump into furniture. Once you have an area you are set for the evening of people watching!!! If you are up to it you can got to the photo booth located down the hallway- Its always a bit tricky to find the curtain door, and make sure you don’t walk in on others in the middle of their photo’s!!

My favourite area in Soho house, and possibly all of L.A, has to be the club garden. This rooftop garden is a little oasis in the madness of this big city! As you walk in you are enveloped by these huge tree’s with hanging lanterns nestled in the branches, with tables tucked away underneath them. The pond that flows through the centre of the room brings such refreshing cool air that I was shocked at how peaceful this little space was. Halfway through our meal we even saw a hummingbird hovering over a small tree!!! My favourite meal here is definitely the chicken club sandwich, although its more a burger with fries! As for an escape in this busy place this has to be one of my ultimate favourites!

The interior design of Soho house is an eclectic mix of Californian design (colourful and highly textured) with the combination of old english design (buttoned leather and velvet). The wall panelling throughout gives the space its regal feel and relates to the origins of Soho house from England. This space is perfect for a late night drink, a quick spot of lunch or somewhere to set yourself up with your laptop! If you can find yourself a member then take the opportunity to pop in here!










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