E.P.L.P Restaurant

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This restaurant is a favourite of mine because its owned and run by Aussies. The highlight for me has to be the rooftop bar – a true West Hollywood hot spot perfect for an afternoon cocktail (or two!). IMG_4649

The first level is E.P (music slang for ‘extended play’) this is where you will find South-east Asia inspired dishes. The creative duo behind this restaurant have also created a medallion program for local Australian’s, who receive 50% off food and drink on Monday nights! My recommendations would have to be the kakoda, a fijian style ceviche- this dish is creamy but with a citrus tanginess to it! The crispy skin chicken is the best chicken I’ve ever had! I don’t know what spices they have on the skin but it so salty and crisp with succulent chicken underneath! And my other suggestion would be the hanger steak- this is crave worthy goodness, it quite literally falls apart in your mouth people!!! I am not usually a sweet’s person and never order dessert but I had the opportunity to try a selection of the desserts and honestly these are the best desserts Ive ever eaten. We ordered the mango crepe, peanut butter and jelly squares, fruit loop ice cream and deep fried coconut ice-cream. For me the stand out here was the deep fried ice cream. It has a layer of sponge cake that encompasses the ice-cream and then on the outside is some sort of crunchy coconut layer, it is then sitting in a butterscotch sauce. My god this is the stuff dreams are made of ha! I don’t think Ive ever had anything quite like this godly ball- Do yourself a favour and give it a try, I guarantee you wont be disappointed!

The interior is almost club like with dark finishes and copper accents. The macaroni wallpaper lining the stairwell as you enter the restaurant really sets the tone for the young and vibrant atmosphere of the space. With built in bench seating running the length of the wall they are able to centre a few larger round tables for bigger groups whilst keeping the small couples lined up along the wall in speed dating like fashion! Ive learnt living here that at some stage throughout your meal someones butt will most definitely knock something on your table as they squeeze past! Its L.A space is limited so expect to feel like you are listening in on the all the ‘boy drama’ from the two girls next to you! Towards the back of the room is the kitchen- this has been designed as an open kitchen where you can sit and watch the chefs make magic happen! They have really nailed the combination of music, food and design to create an inviting yet exclusive atmosphere perfect for a night out in L.A.

Once you have finished dinner you head upstairs to L.P rooftop, In music terms ‘long play’, but also a place where you can take this term literally and spend your whole night sipping on cocktails and enjoying the warm summer night. This has been designed to be a spacious open deck that oozes cool with its overhead fairy lights and neon installations. It is an open yet intimate space that really makes you sit back and relax, it seems to attract a lot of Aussies if you are like me and feel soothed by our exotic accents ha! If you are looking for somewhere to take a break from the hustle and bustle of L.A then this is the place for you!!

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